This is a very popular site, so many of you may have heard of it. If you haven’t…GOOD. We’re happy to have introduced it to you :)

At First glance Society6 looks like a regular e-commerce site or web store. What makes it awesome is that all of the merch inside of this site was made by artists like YOU.

Society6 let’s you join as an artist and create a profile page which you get to customize. Example Below. (Shout out to Sophie Corrigan!)


Then, you can upload your artwork which people can purchase printed on mugs, cell phone cases, pillows, stickers, posters, Bedding, Table Tops, Bags…man, my fingers are starting to hurt, but you get the point.

Society6 does take a cut but it’s a small fee and if your art becomes popular here, say goodbye to your day job :)

Don’t forget to check out our sketchbooks! (Cough, Cough!…shameless plug)

P.S Check out these sweet social media icons they use on their site! I’m guessing you can click on them and follow them on their social media if you’re that type of person.

Anthony Baez