If you haven’t heard about SquareSpace yet, you must be living way off the grid. “Well, why are you re-telling us about it then?” I’ll tell you why!

This isn’t much of an introduction to SquareSpace as it a recommendation. SquareSpace has paid advertisements everywhere and this isn’t one of them. We’re not getting a cent.

But seeing as all of you wonderful people reading this are probably artists then you should probably consider jumping on the SquareSpace X Shuttle now! ( You see what I did there lol )


This is the easiest way to create your online portfolio…like, ever!

You can literally start your free trial, create your portfolio site, upload all of your artwork and have this thing live in less than an hour. (But of course your going to make it all nice and cool looking because you’re an artist, and that may take a little bit longer…but you get the point)

Guess what? We use SquareSpace for our online store! There are so many features and a few different tiers of subscription plans from a basic personal website to a full blown commercial business website. Some Hollywood stars even have SquareSpaces to host all of their mug shots. Check out “The One”, (Keanu Reeves) in the image below.

We super highly recommend this website hosting platform. It’s something we feel every artist who wants to make a living from their art should at least take a look.

Below are some screen grabs of the different features.

Seriously, go check SquareSpace out when you get serious about this art thing!

And don’t forget to see how beautiful our illo store looks too ;)

See you next Wednesday!

Anthony BaezComment