Directory of Illustration

Hello Insta Artists,

We’re back for another Wednesday of awesome resource learning!

Sorry we missed Mondays Tutorial post, we were still trying to catch up from the holidays.

This week’s awesome Art Tool is none other than the Directory of Illustration.

Have you heard of it? Well, let me tell you about it.

It is one of the main ways that magazine editors, book writers, and advertisement agencies use to find the talent that they select for their publications. This platform could be very useful as a freelance artist or illustrator trying to make a name for themselves.

There is a catch though, it is quite expensive. You will definitely have to be willing to invest a good amount of money on yourselves. But, we all have spent money on dumber things, so why not put it towards something that could set off your career!


Once you sign up, they have a representative contact you after they have screened your work and give you some information on their services and different tier plans.

Definitely something to look into, if not for now, then for when you’re ready to get serious about your work.


  • It means you are serious about your art

  • You will be seen by a lot of potential clients

  • Can be used as a way to showcase your work (Because they publish books also ;-)


  • Sizable investment on yourself (Could be seen as a positive if spending the money will push you…just saying )

So go ahead an give them a look…Here is the link again if you don’t want to scroll up ;)

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See you next Wednesday!