Hello Artists, 


We’re here this week to help you out with your marketing. offers a ton of products that can help artists represent themselves and their brand in a professional and affordable way.

I think everyone has heard of vistaprint, who also provides the same kinds of services and sometimes even at a lower price, but GotPrint provides amazing quality at great prices. 


I tend to breakdown products into 3 tiers, Good, Better and Best. Price usually increases as the quality increases; (Usually). In my veteran years as an artist I tend to live in the middle group of those tiers. I want something that is of good quality and will last me longer then a cheaper alternative, while a more expensive product may do exactly the same thing as the other two products but costs more because they may have a more well known name.

I feel like GotPrint is that happy middle ground:) 

Their business cards are great quality, look great and come in a bunch of different sizes and shapes that other companies do not offer. You can also do cool things like, foil, or transparent cards, rounded corner, different shapes, and I think they even have holographic options.


One of the coolest things about is that they are willing to send you a kit of samples of a lot of the things that they produce. This was very helpful in choosing a stock, feel and finish to brochures, business cards, stickers...etc. 

Make sure you guys always shop around before you decide and checkout for your next batch of marketing swag. (Do people still use that term?)

Don’t forget to checkout our sketchbooks in our shop!

(Although we may be out can find our sketchbook on for now !)


Have a good one and see you next Wednesday!