Uncrate TV

Hello Everyone!

Sometimes you have to step back after working long hard hours on your art and take sometime to indulge on the internet for potential procrastination.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then Uncrate Video is perfect for you!

Uncrate Tv hand picks the best videos on the internet from movie topics, to video games, trending topics and the latest and coolest viral videos just for you and me.

Scroll through the endless videos on their website and make sure to come back often to keep up with the latest and greatest. 

As I previously stated, artist burnout is a real thing ladies and gents. If this state of being plagues your creativity it can be a real sucky point of time for all of us who are constantly trying to break through our current artistic skills and level up. 

Make Uncrate a recurring web destination and you just might avoid those dull, zombie like moments where the only thing you can muster up on paper is your go to OC. (That means “Original Character” for you out of the current lingo loop folks) 

Seriously people,... just do it. 

When you’re all done with procrastinating and your brain is filled with tons of new inspiration, don’t forget to spill it all into an illo;)


See you guys next Wednesday! 


Have a good one.